One Element Annual Touch Rugby Tournament

On Saturday 21 April 2018, we held the annual One Element touch rugby tournament, picnic and social on Wandsworth Common in south west London. We welcomed at least 100 members and guests, either players or spectators for a fun packed sporty and social day.

Known as The Social Fitness Company, in addition to our weekly park-based fitness boot camps, we aim to hold regular social and outdoor sporting activities throughout the year for our members. At One Element we believe that fitness goes hand-in-hand with the social aspects of our lives and it is the most effective long-term method to improve your fitness.

We had players from complete novices to experts, but no matter this range, everyone played to a high standard, demonstrated teamwork and much enthusiasm; all teams were well supported with cheers and applause from the crowd.

With such a great turnout, we were pleased to have eight teams in the competition, coming from our Wimbledon Park, Wandsworth Common West Side, Putney, Wandsworth Common, Twickenham and St Margaret’s parks, along with a team organised by PhysioEdge, a one-stop shop for physio, massage and pilates needs based in Wandsworth and Chiswick.

The Rules

We play a slightly different style of touch, designed to give the advantage to the attaching team and new players, such as if the ball goes to ground, provided it goes backwards - we play on, Important core values of One Element are inclusivity, positivity and fun and we therefore set the rules and the tone of the game to reflect these.

We had two pools of four teams, and the winning two teams from each pool moved into the semi-finals while the top two of the bottom four teams in each pool were entered into the bowl round.

Our matches are seven minutes each way and teams must have five players on the pitch at any one time, and two of the players on the pitch need to be female, and two male. There’s no ball kicking allowed and everyone must shake hands at the end of each match.


Although the aim of the day is to have fun and spend time with friends there were a few prizes to hand out.

The winning team was PhysioEdge, who won every match they played. Congratulations to all the players!

The player of the tournament went to Max Wilkinson Wandsworth westside, who not only ran circles around Tom Marien - much to the amusement of the crowd, but also seemed to score tries and create space at will. He won a sports massage at PhysioEdge and we are grateful for PhysioEdge for sponsoring the prize.

Perhaps the most sort after prize of the day was for the best picnic, which was won by long-standing One Element member Yuko Uchida who made a delicious array of Japanese inspired picnic food which she shared with the players and her fellow picnickers.


We were lucky to see warm summer weather during the day and evening and made the most of it, following the rugby and picnic most of us headed over to the County Arms pub on Trinity Road for drinks and to chat about the day and forge new friendships.

We look forward to the next social on Saturday 2 June 2018– volleyball and BBQ in Wimbledon Park. Visit www. to get your ticket now.

Thank you for everyone who turned up to make it such a successful fun and social day.