New Feature: Member of the Month

Welcome to the New 'Member of the Month' feature on the blog. We have actually been running 'Member of the Month' for years and give a shout-out in our e-newsletters but from now on our members will also feature on our blog. In addition to this we have launched a partnership with Mindful Chef - the healthy recipe box company. Each month our worthy winner will be gifted one box of healthy and delicious recipes to fuel them through their One Element training sessions.

To be nominated for Member of the Month usually the nominee has gone over and above the norm, either in training or competition. They often have proved a real team player and have a super positive influence at sessions. In yet another new twist this month the winner is not technically a member, although they are an essential part of the One Element family, it is one of our fab trainers.

Charlotte Keane, OE trainer at Barnes has been nominated by her Barnes Crew, here's what they have to sat about her...

"She pushes us to reach our limits and be the best we can be, and in such a positive way that you can't help but feel like you can achieve anything after a session."

"She knows how to push and engage those of us who need a bit extra, against the needs of the new starters with ease."

"She has stood there in all weathers cheering us on with a smile on her face and a word (or holler) of encouragement."

"We think she's brilliant and we'd like her and others to know."

"Charlotte is such a massive part of what makes our group so great."

"People often stop and ask about our group because they can see how much we get out of it and it's because she leads us so well."

Meet Charlotte - Trainer at our Barnes location since Oct 2015.

Charlotte discovered a love for helping people improve their self-confidence and seeing how much people can grow purely through fitness and exercise while working part time at a local gym. Since then she completed her qualifications so she could train clients and group sessions.

We caught up with Charlotte after she was surprised on Barnes Common by OE founder, Tom Marien, presenting her with her box of goodies from The Mindful Chef.

How does it feel to be nominated by your crew for Member of the Month?

I was very shocked and actually quite taken back. It was a very nice gesture from the group. After all, they are the ones turning up with a smile and putting the hard work in 2-3 x a week, which makes my job very easy.

What does a typical day in the life of Charlotte look like?

I’m currently on my summer break from uni so every day is different at the moment. Consisting of training, holidays, short breaks away and no alarms before 8am! (I’m not a morning person). However, my ‘normal’ day would consist of 9-4 lectures followed by training, One Element sessions and studying in the evenings.

How would you descible your philosphy about being fit and healthy?

Input vs output & life balance

How do you fuel your body for all the training you do? And what would be a top tip for members?

Whole foods, make sure you are consuming the appropriate amounts of protein, carbs and fruit/veg. It's input vs output.
Make things tasty. You can only stomach plain chicken and veg for so long. Find tasty recipes, use herbs/spices and different ways to cook your usual ingredients to mix things up.

What makes you laugh, smile, and feel happy?

I’m pretty relaxed and easy going so chilling out with the ones closest. Which usually consists of good coffee, good food and ideally a bit of sunshine.

What's your favourite quote or mantra you can't live withough?

I don’t really have a set quote. However, I believe you should learn from every possible situation and put yourself in environments where you can grow and challenge yourself as an individual. With enjoyment being the underlying factor to everything.

What are your Top 3 Tips for keeping fit and motivated?

  • Enjoyment
  • Set goals/challenges no matter how small
  • Balance (nutrition, training, friends, family, work, you time!)

How do you think One Element sessions differ from others out there?

I believe it’s the closest thing to a team environment without it actually being a sport. Members get to know each other and each session revolves around a fun competitive environment.

What's your favourite part of training outdoors?

Being outdoors! It’s refreshing to be outside in the fresh air, it gives the sessions a different vibe (especially in the rain wind, and thunder storms).

Charlotte has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen since winning her box from Mindful Chef.

I found Mindful Chef very good. Easy to cook recipes with all the ingredients weighed out in seperate tubs which made it very time efficient. Both the meals I had were very tasty, however the Chicken and Quinoa Patella was my favourite.

Remember, good nutrition is half the battle.

Mindful Chef sends you all the 'good-for-you' ingredients you need every week to cook great tasting, healthy meals in just 20-30 minutes. They only use the highest quality produce from local suppliers in the South West. They provide meat, fish and plant-based recipes to choose from.

One Element members receive 25% off your first two boxes, email for the details.

Charlotte trains at our Barnes Location on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 19:30 and Saturday at 09:00.**