Have a Fit Father's Day

In October 2015 One Element founder, Tom, and his wife, Lorna, welcomed Sebastian into the One Element family. We caught up with Tom just in time for his first Father's Day to see how life has changed since becoming a Daddy.

Those first few months of fatherhood can be tough, yes, yes we get it not quite as tough as motherhood, but even so having a baby as a guy can be a pretty tough shock to the system too.

For Tom dealing with sleepless nights, nappy changes, the responsibility of another human being AND running your own business gives him even more reason to keep on top of the fitness regime.

How has your fitness routine changed since becoming a dad?

There is no question it has changed, I am lucky enough that I have to exercise every day and have an opportunity to train 3-4 times a day. I tend to pick times and moments carefully, so as not to become exhausted. The first three months were a challenge and I think the exhaustion and, I suppose, anxiety about keeping this little chap in one piece was tiring. For me there is no single tonic better than outdoor exercise for everything from mind set, to sleep and energy. In answer to the question I try to do two runs a week, I will do two weights sessions a week, Work in at least one OE session and I absolutely love to play touch on Sundays.

What’s a typical day in the life of dad Tom now?

Boff! Normally my alarm goes off at 5:20am, feed the dog, feed the cat, try to remember to make a bottle of milk for Sea bass, have a slice of sourdough toast with Vegemite on it, out the door with the dog at 5:50, on the common for a session at 6, and sometimes a 7am session. I then work in the office until about 2pm. I try to spend some time with Sebastian and Lorna in the afternoon. I tend to then leave the house again at 7pm to get to, and set up for the 7:30pm OE session, home by ten to 9, Peaky blinders.. bed just after 10pm. Or at least that is how it is supposed to go!

Why is being healthy so important to you?

I would not pretend to be the healthiest person on the planet. I strongly believe that One Element and most of the members and trainers would agree that healthy food and exercise should be balanced with a fun social life. That said there is no question that when I follow 'Reset', or have a goal that includes training regularly and improving fitness I feel lighter, sleep better, am more energised - it is transformational.

How do you balance being a dad and running your own business?

It has not really impacted things to be completely honest, Lorna is very supportive, and the OE membership have become great friends and therefore a support.

What’s one thing you hope your baby learns about what you do and why you do it?

I think if he learns to enjoy exercise that would be a great start. If exercise becomes aligned with your social group, like sports teams do, this opens up such a wonderful group of people and range of opportunities.

How have you found the parenting community in Earlsfield/ Wandsworth do you have a local support network?

Good question, we have an NCT group, who have become fantastic friends, they are people from a wide range of backgrounds. I have managed to persuade most of them to come to training ;-) We even had an NCT touch team in the last tournament. A few of the OE members have had babies recently and it is always very entertaining to chat to them about it.

How are you feeling about celebrating your first father’s day together?

Yep looking forward to it ;-). Might see if i can play touch beforehand.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a new dad?

You are 'Head of operations, COO', it is a serious role! You control who comes in to the house and who leaves. You sterilise everything! You make up milk, and feed your partner. You will change nappies. Make sure everything is done for your partner, I am sure you will be told what might need doing... Good luck. Oh and don't forget water.... the Mum will want water ALL the time.