Boots made for training


As we are getting closer to Christmas and you might be considering what you would like for presents, I already know what will be at the top of my list... a new set of training boots.

Getting the correct footwear should be at the top of our kit list. When you are on potentially slippery ground this becomes even more important.

Performance and reduced risk of injury are the two key factors we need to consider when we are choosing the correct footwear to train at One Element (

Performance Being able to accelerate, slow down, change direction is absolutely crucial at training. This gives you the confidence to challenge yourself. It also means that you will be accessing the correct muscle for the movements we are doing. If you lack this confidence, and slip regularly you will not enjoy the experience. You need footwear that are responsive.

Injury If you can’t control your speed, change of direction, accelerate, stop; then these are all the things we need to do to avoid injury. Having the correct footwear stops us from pulling muscles, falling and sometimes running into others.

Foot support When you are running on very hard ground you need to ensure you have the right support in the shoes, it is this repetitive pounding on the solid ground that needs to be addressed by foot support. However when you are on soft ground the need for support is vastly reduced. Instead we need responsive grip.

My suggestions:- Very hard ground– Trainers, running shoes or astro shoes will be perfect.
Anything from dew covered to very wet ground we suggest you invest in a cheap pair of molded football boots. For as little as £10 you can get a set.
Here is an option [from only £12 at Sports direct] (

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My Favorite boot is the Adidas Kaiser c£55, they are the same shape as the Adidas Copa Mundial, which were released in 1979 for the 1982 football world cup. they are soft and compfortable, and a perfect Christmas present (

Kaiser adidas

You can get boots in various colours and there seems to be a growing body of evidence that the brighter the colour the faster you will run... ;-) Pink may well be equal to a 10% gain in speed!

Looking forward to seeing you at training. (